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For the past two years now, we’ve have experienced a lot on embedded systems, electronics and technology, more than we could ever dream of. I didn’t know what was python, Linux and this could go on and on and on. The FSE workshops have been amazingly helpful in such a way that we are now able … Continue reading Mazarine Kandza

Mazarine Kandza

Appelez-moi BELEI A. Gisèle. Je suis étudiante à l’école Nationale Supérieure d’ingénieurs de Lomé. Il y a quelques jours de cela nous avons eu la chance de voir atterrir à l’ENSI, deux membres exceptionnels de la FSE avec qui j’ai appris énormément. En effet c’était la première fois pour moi de travailler sur un environnement … Continue reading Belei A. Gisèle

Belei A. Gisèle

“First of all I really enjoy the moment we shared with you guys. And also, Full Stack Embedded gave us the opportunity to gain new skills on electronics and software for example before I wasn’t able to write even a simple python code but when after the meeting with FSE personal I can now do … Continue reading Nilson Nguimbi

Nilson Nguimbi