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“We really had a great time building a system on our own. I wish the time for the workshop should be extended.” “Nous avons vraiment eu un grand temps la construction d’un système sur notre propre. Je souhaite que le temps de l’atelier soit prolongé.”

Kevin Kodjo

For the past two years now, we’ve have experienced a lot on embedded systems, electronics and technology, more than we could ever dream of. I didn’t know what was python, Linux and this could go on and on and on. The FSE workshops have been amazingly helpful in such a way that we are now able … Continue reading Mazarine Kandza

Mazarine Kandza

Hi my is James. I am a student in Electrical Engineering Master at ENSI at the University of Lomé and I took part in the training FSE 2019 in Lomé on microcontroller programming with the python language This allowed us to design an application that cars use to park in order to avoid obstacles. Indeed, … Continue reading James