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“FSE 2016 was an opportunity for me to acquire new skills in programming with the Python language and to learn a little more about the raspberry that I was interested in before. Daniel and Frederic were great trainers for me and my comrades because they trained us in a relaxed atmosphere and moreover they were very … Continue reading Potchona Skiel Justin

Potchona Skiel Justin

“Bon j’aime bien l’atelier qu’offre Full Stack Embedded parce que ça permet à nous les jeunes en système d’information de pouvoir voir les différents domaines de l’informatique et ceux à quoi nous serons confrontés dans le domaine..et cela nous permet également de voir l’importance de la filière informatique ainsi que tout ce que nous pourrions … Continue reading Priscilla Dotsey

Priscilla Dotsey

“What I like about Full Stack Embedded is the way that they relate to people that they meet. No matter how the level of your background is they do their best to work with you and they never discriminate and the learner benefit as much as possible from them. I like that group 😍” “Ce que … Continue reading Luvick Otoka

Luvick Otoka