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“FSE has been a great opportunity for me. Daniel and Frederic are two amazing guys. They were friendly to us. They have been very patient too. We have worked in group. English was not a problem for me. Before the workshop, I didn’t know anything about Python and Linux. This discovery have opened my mind. … Continue reading Bedra Ameganvi

Bedra Ameganvi

“FSE 2016 was an opportunity for me to acquire new skills in programming with the Python language and to learn a little more about the raspberry that I was interested in before. Daniel and Frederic were great trainers for me and my comrades because they trained us in a relaxed atmosphere and moreover they were very … Continue reading Potchona Skiel Justin

Potchona Skiel Justin

“First of all I really enjoy the moment we shared with you guys. And also, Full Stack Embedded gave us the opportunity to gain new skills on electronics and software for example before I wasn’t able to write even a simple python code but when after the meeting with FSE personal I can now do … Continue reading Nilson Nguimbi

Nilson Nguimbi