We teach how to assemble deep stacks of technologies in individual products to produce inventions that can improve lives.

My name is Abu Yussif a student of AIT. I have always loved to program and doing great things to make life easy with the advancement in technology. Since I heard of Full Stack Embedded I have always wanted to participate in their workshops so I was privileged this year to be part of them. … Continue reading Abu Yussif

Abu Yussif

“Bon j’aime bien l’atelier qu’offre Full Stack Embedded parce que ça permet à nous les jeunes en système d’information de pouvoir voir les différents domaines de l’informatique et ceux à quoi nous serons confrontés dans le domaine..et cela nous permet également de voir l’importance de la filière informatique ainsi que tout ce que nous pourrions … Continue reading Priscilla Dotsey

Priscilla Dotsey

I experienced a new world of creating Autonomous Robots, Remote Control Robots and Line Following Robots. The Theory and Practical sessions were very useful as I came to know about the basic ideas behind creating Robots using Electronic Components such Ultrasonic Sensors, IR Sensors and DC motors with Raspberry pi. I was able to come … Continue reading Sevic Nsembolo

Sevic Nsembolo