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“I like the fact of discovering how interesting robotics is. I also liked to see how easy it is to program in python.” “J’aime le fait de découvrir comment la robotique est intéressante. J’ai aussi aimé voir comment il est facile de programmer en python.”

Yoann Togbe

I am Maximilian Kpizingui Ephrem, an assistant lecturer in object oriented programming at Pinnacle University College in Ghana. The last workshop with Full Stack Embedded in 2017 at Accra Institute of Technology gave me a practical knowledge in microprocessor most precisely in Raspberry Pi Zero W and we were taught to integrate hardware with a software.Through … Continue reading Maximilian Kpizingui Ephrem

Maximilian Kpizingui Ephrem

For the past two years now, we’ve have experienced a lot on embedded systems, electronics and technology, more than we could ever dream of. I didn’t know what was python, Linux and this could go on and on and on. The FSE workshops have been amazingly helpful in such a way that we are now able … Continue reading Mazarine Kandza

Mazarine Kandza