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Hi! I am Emmanuel BISSAFI student of AIT University. I have attended two workshops of FullStackEmbedded in our university which was very interesting. During the last workshop I got to learn new skills in programming (python) and in electronics, which was very useful for my final year project work. The FullStackEmbedded workshops make me realized … Continue reading Emmanuel BISSAFI

Emmanuel BISSAFI

“FSE workshop was a good initiative. It enables me to understand the concept of an automated system and do more researches on embedded system.” “FSE était une bonne initiative. Il me permet de comprendre le concept d’un système automatisé et de faire plus de recherches sur le système embarqué.”

Abdul-rahman Yaya

“FSE 2016 was an opportunity for me to acquire new skills in programming with the Python language and to learn a little more about the raspberry that I was interested in before. Daniel and Frederic were great trainers for me and my comrades because they trained us in a relaxed atmosphere and moreover they were very … Continue reading Potchona Skiel Justin

Potchona Skiel Justin