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I experienced a new world of creating Autonomous Robots, Remote Control Robots and Line Following Robots. The Theory and Practical sessions were very useful as I came to know about the basic ideas behind creating Robots using Electronic Components such Ultrasonic Sensors, IR Sensors and DC motors with Raspberry pi. I was able to come … Continue reading Sevic Nsembolo

Sevic Nsembolo

My name is Joseph Odohofreh Ita. I am a computer engineering student of Accra institute of technology and also the president of AIT Robotics club. I’ve been a fan of raspberry pi, mostly because it’s powerful yet can fit into my palm and can be applied almost anywhere. I participated in FSE 2017. It was … Continue reading Joseph Odohofreh Ita

Joseph Odohofreh Ita

“First of all I really enjoy the moment we shared with you guys. And also, Full Stack Embedded gave us the opportunity to gain new skills on electronics and software for example before I wasn’t able to write even a simple python code but when after the meeting with FSE personal I can now do … Continue reading Nilson Nguimbi

Nilson Nguimbi