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My name is Afefa Akoumany. I am a student of Accra institute of technology, I participated in FSE 2017. It was eye opener for me. I was introduced to python programming and raspberry pi. I learnt how to write simple programs to drive electronic devices like ultrasonic sensors etc.  Not only was it educative and … Continue reading Afefa Akoumany

Afefa Akoumany

“What I like about Full Stack Embedded is the way that they relate to people that they meet. No matter how the level of your background is they do their best to work with you and they never discriminate and the learner benefit as much as possible from them. I like that group 😍” “Ce que … Continue reading Luvick Otoka

Luvick Otoka

“FSE workshop was a good initiative. It enables me to understand the concept of an automated system and do more researches on embedded system.” “FSE était une bonne initiative. Il me permet de comprendre le concept d’un système automatisé et de faire plus de recherches sur le système embarqué.”

Abdul-rahman Yaya