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For the past two years now, we’ve have experienced a lot on embedded systems, electronics and technology, more than we could ever dream of. I didn’t know what was python, Linux and this could go on and on and on. The FSE workshops have been amazingly helpful in such a way that we are now able … Continue reading Mazarine Kandza

Mazarine Kandza

I’m KUAMO Samuel, I also the training on the Raspberry Pi and it was very interesting. the training team showed us python applications to microcontrollers. especially I learned to program a buzzer, a led and the use of a pusher …it was very useful for us to follow this training … I especially thank Nico … Continue reading Kuamo Samuel

Kuamo Samuel

Hi! I am Emmanuel BISSAFI student of AIT University. I have attended two workshops of FullStackEmbedded in our university which was very interesting. During the last workshop I got to learn new skills in programming (python) and in electronics, which was very useful for my final year project work. The FullStackEmbedded workshops make me realized … Continue reading Emmanuel BISSAFI

Emmanuel BISSAFI