What did you like about FSE 2016? Do you have ideas about what you’d like to be different in 2017? We’d love to hear it!

Send us your testimonials and suggestions

Frederic and I would like to hear your input concerning the workshops we conducted in Accra and Lomé last year. There are two things we’d like to hear from you:

  • Suggestions for improving our courses for the next round. We will collect all of these and use them to improve our service when publishing tutorials and homework every month this year. We’ll also use your suggestions to improve our workshops when we see you again in 2017!
  • Testimonials about what you loved about Full Stack Embedded. FSE was great last year and we would like to show your learning success to other groups that are interested in joining us.

Please post your thoughts in the comments below. If you have a complex suggestion or a great testimonial, we may contact you for more information or in order to ask if we can post your review on the home page.

More to come soon

Within a few days we’ll be posting our homework curriculum to get you prepared for FSE 2017. This will involve a short assignment each month that you should complete in order to be prepared for the projects we’ll be doing next December. Keep your eyes open for it!


3 thoughts on “What are your thoughts about FSE 2016?

    1. Hi Kevin, I’m glad you had such a good time. Would you like your comment to be featured with your picture on the homepage? If so, send me your picture and I’ll post it. Have a nice night!


  1. Really enjoy the time we spent together. We had more fun, we spent some hours together but it’s like we have been together for long time,really great and what I liked the most it’s your commitment to improve the world.


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