Did you say two workshops? Yes we did! After finishing up an awesome workshop in Accra with the students from AIT, we crossed back over the border and did it again at Lome Business School.

Lome was a shift in gears because the students at LBS are much more focused on software than hardware. This made about half of the workshop more challenging, and the other half easier. It’ll be magical to get them in touch with the students at AIT and see the synergies flow.

The students of LBS. Look how happy they are with their freshly built robots!

Another highlight was establishing contact with a school in nearby Kpalime, a village in the beautiful hills near Lome. We visited Collège Polyvalent, a school with a Raspberry Pi computer lab sponsored by Initic. The students were excited to see a robot powered by the same technology they were running on their desktops!

Love at first sight

All of this is setting the stage for a very exciting year in 2018, and we can’t wait to share the details with you soon. Keep innovating!

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