Last month, our representative for Burkina Faso, Sidibe Mohamed, visited the Aube Nouvelle University to establish connections to the students of the ELIT Club and run a mini-workshop with them. The results were fantastic and we’re excited to begin planning next steps with them!

Sidibe visited Aube Nouvelle University. He coordinated the visit and mini-workshop with Kone Drissa, Coordinator of ELIT, and Noufou Soro, Counsellor of General Office of Students at the university. ELIT is a student club devoted to the disciplines of networking and software engineering, and the workshop was conducted with its members on 20 February 2018.

During the workshop, Sidibe and the students got to know each other and learned about the respective organisations involved, ELIT and FSE. The students of ELIT were already quite well prepared and were familiar with Linux and Java. Sidibe introduced them to Python, which they were able to become familiar with very quickly due to their prior programming experience.

The students were very excited about the possibilities of partnering with FSE and having an FSE workshop in Burkina in the future. We’re all staying in touch per WhatsApp and hope to see each other soon to strengthen the bonds that Sidibe and the others of ELIT have begun building!

Here are some impressions from the visit:

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