It’s been a busy year for the Robotics Club at Accra Institute of Technology! After successful robotics seminars at both the Sea View and Catonment campuses of AIT, the Club members have now reached out to work with students at a new university: Pinnacle College in Achimota.

The Robotics Club members introduced Full Stack Embedded’s Raspberry Pi Autonomous Car, also known affectionately as Alfred, to 30 students plus lecturers at Pinnacle College on 9 July. During the seminar, the students and lecturers:

  • Learned the basics of the Raspberry Pi microprocessor and how to use it
  • Learned about the RPi customer board and its various integrated circuits
  • Tested the ultrasound sensor by measuring distance
  • Controlled Alfred themselves on their phones

The seminar participants were amazed to be able to run a robot right from their phones! Both students and lecturers asked a lot of relevant questions that created a great dialog between the Robotics Club members and the seminar participants.

We at Full Stack Embedded are proud and excited to see the AIT Robotics Club taking agency over the skills they learned during our workshops last year, and bringing those skills to others in West Africa. Keep up the awesome work!

Here are some pictures of the seminar for you to enjoy:


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