We are so excited and proud to share that two students at the Accra Institute of Technology, who have been involved in FSE from the beginning, have been nominated by the Ghana Teriary Award in the category of Most Outstanding Students in Engineering! Nilson Mabika (@nilmab) and Luvick Otoka (@otokaluvick) have been recognized amongst thousands of students at Ghanain universities for their work  creating the noninvasive Glucometer and Pulse Oximeter. Screenshot_20181023-190657~3.png

The aim of the Ghana Teriary Award is to support students whose work has the potential to impact and change Ghana and its society. According to the GTA critera, each nominee has proven to be “a significant achievement holder, a change maker and one that demonstrates ethical and socially accepted principles.” We think that’s a pretty accurate description of Nil and Luvick, and we are so honored to be working with them!

They got to the nomination level with their hard work, but you can help them to win the award for Most Outstanding Students in Engineering! To cast your vote for Nil and Luvick, just text GTL18 to 1736!


One thought on “2 FSE members nominated for Most Outstanding Students in Engineering

  1. We would never Forget what FSE has been doing for us because FSE has contributed a lot in our intellectual thinking.
    FSE May GOD bless you.


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