The European members of Full Stack Embedded have once again joined their colleagues in Africa! Together, they will be putting on workshops at different universities to introduce and teach the 2019 FSE project: The Basura Smart Trash Can system.

Basura smart trash cans monitor how full they are, and can report when they need to be emptied. They can also be networked to allow for monitoring of a street, a neighborhood, or theoretically, a whole city. This project covers not only technical elements on a variety of devices, but will also give students experience in project planning, execution, and varification.

We are especially excited to be working on this project, because it was the participants of the FSE Workshops in 2017 in Accra who came up with the idea. We are also proud to say that some of those same men and women who were then learning and brainstorming students have now become the teachers of some of this year’s round of workshops.

Our Spanish speaking readers may also have noticed our clever name: “Basura” means “trash” in Spanish 😉

We hope you can make it to this year’s workshops! FSE will not only be at the universities we’ve visited in the past, namely in Accra, Ghana, and Lome, Togo: this year we will also be in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, Congo. We hope to see you there!


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