Full Stack Embedded conducted two workshops this year in Accra – an introductory one on the new Basura smart trash can, led by Florian Rathgeber and Daniel Lee, and a workshop on the Alfred autonomous car, led by Nilson Nguimbi Mabika and Sidibe Mohamed.

Over four days, the students learned to set up a web service, exposing a web server that interacts with an ultrasonic proximity sensor installed on another device. The server and sensor were connected using an HTTP connection. This means that the students learned how to build an Internet of Things device and get it to communicate with a remote server using an Internet-style connection. Of course, Python was the language of choice for every component of this system. Newer students also learned from the older students how to use the Alfred autonomous car, also using Python for communicating with all sensors and steering the robot itself.

In addition to these activities, FSE established contact to several excellent local organisations, such as the Ghana chapters of Codebar and PyLadies. We also took the opportunity to strengthen our cooperation with Accra Institute of Technology, where the workshops took place. Congratulations everyone who participated – we’re looking forward to working with a new generation of excellent, motivated students in Accra and hope you’re as excited as we are!

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