Our vision

People in the developing world face some of the world’s biggest challenges. This creates the opportunity to make some of the world’s most innovative and effective solutions. Modern electronics can play a large role in creating these solutions. For many years, developing, building and deploying electronics in developing economies has been cost-prohibitive and ineffective, but with the advent of low-cost embedded systems, this is changing. The time is ripe to introduce these systems to the developing world and empower users there to find and build the tools they need to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Full stack projects help students learn the full range of technologies for implementing hardware projects, from sensor and actuator drivers to scheduling routines, web servers and clients. We use embedded systems because they are robust, have low power needs and have reached a price point that is feasible even in regions with extreme budget constraints.

We at Full Stack Embedded strive to

  • Foster skills for building full stack projects in the developing world
  • Connect talented people with similar goals and support collaboration among them
  • Promote openness and a culture of sharing

in our quest to build a better tomorrow.

What we do

We spread knowledge in the developing world by building full-stack, open source projects that demonstrate a deep stack of hardware and software technologies. These projects are introduced in workshops to aspiring developers in developing countries.

Between workshops, we help our students prepare by publishing tutorials and homework and by encouraging them to work together and exchange ideas. Participation is key, e.g. on GitHub and in our Facebook group. All material we produce is out in the open and free for anybody to learn from, use, improve upon and adapt to their own purposes.

Who we are

We’re a small team of professionals in the fields of information science and engineering. Our work at Full Stack Embedded is done in our free time and we’re a recognized non-profit. Nice to meet you!

Our executive board

Our executive board Carmen, Frederic and Daniel bringing nerdy treats to all the world!

Frederic Afadjigla

Frederic is an engineer who grew up breaking machinery in Togo just to find out how it works. He learned to design and build robots in Germany and is now realizing his dream of bringing these skills back to where he grew up. An FSE hero by night, by day he develops software in the automotive field.

Carmen Köhler

Carmen is a jack of many trades – mathematician, meteorologist, analog astronaut, scientist. If you find it hard to keep track of her many projects spread across a large spectrum of topics, remember that the constant uniting them all is that she tackles every project with dedication, skill and passion. Her dedication to collaboration and making the world better means that she and Full Stack Embedded are a match made in heaven.

Daniel Lee

Daniel grew up in the United States. He started causing trouble at an early age, hacking the school computers, “borrowing” his mother’s jewelry to produce hydrogen in the kitchen and magnetizing her sewing scissors. After dallying with a start-up in the solar energy branch in Germany, he finished his doctorate of geography while working for the German Weather Service, first researching renewable energies and later leading the team for data ingress and pursuing governance issues. How now works at EUMETSAT as a software and data formats engineer.