Full Stack Embedded is registered in Germany as a recognized non-profit organization (gemeinnütziger e.V., Vereinsregisternummer VR84017). Our club charter can be read here in the original German, and a translation can be found here.

We publish the minutes of all our official meetings. All code we produce can be found on GitHub. All other materials we produce are open and linked into this website.

For 2019 the FSE Management Board has set the following goals:

  1. Mentor at least one internship at Accra Institute of Technology
  2. Establish contact to at least one other educational institution in Ghana beyond AIT with the perspective of teaching there in 2020
  3. Establish continuity by ensuring that each workshop results in at least 2 trainers who can pass on the knowledge they have gained to others
  4. Have a clear and feasible plan to produce one new demo project for use in teaching advanced classes
  5. Involve at least one more volunteer outside Africa in the work at FSE

Minutes of club member meetings: