Survey results are in

Thank you all for participating in the survey! It’s really motivating for us to see how you all are participating and we’re all growing into a big family 🙂

We’ve reviewed the answers you gave us in the survey we asked you to participate in recently. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ve asked for:

  • Videos in the tutorials
  • Software design, including object orientation and the use of functions
  • Website development
  • Hardware-software connections
  • Socket programming
  • Electronic circuit development
  • Motion capture

Please always feel free to share new ideas and new requests with us so that we can add it to our internal list.

We’re happy that we already implemented some of your requests, such as publishing additional material on the use of args and kwargs in functions. We also successfully started a WhatsApp group – if you’re not in there yet, please send us a request with your phone number and we’ll add you. Thanks so much for participating in this group so actively!

In the next month you can expect from us more material on object oriented programming and software design, as well as more videos. We can talk about some of the more specific wishes and how to implement them when we see you in December. It’s only a few more months now!

Thanks again for all your feedback. It’s inspired us and given us a lot of ideas for the next years and we’re really looking forward to continuing to build a knowledge base with you, now and going forward.

Keep innovating!

The team at FSE Europe,
Carmen, Frederic and Daniel

Your opinion counts!


This month we will not provide a tutorial for you, instead we hope that you provide something for us: your feedback! Full Stack Embedded is now in its second year. We would love to know your highlights and what you wish for in future tutorials. To get a better insight into your current status, please fill in this short survey:

We would highly appreciate your opinion. This way we can prepare and develop the future for FSE together!

We will keep innovating!
The FSE crew