Prototype unit testing


Hello FSE!

When you’re working on a prototype, often you develop functions that you don’t want to lose as you continue changing the code. A way to protect your code base against such changes is by using unit tests.

Normally unit tests are tests of software which demonstrate that a given aspect – like a function, class or method – acts as it should. Unit tests run without human intervention – the same input is used to produce the same output, every time.

With robots it’s a bit more complicated, since they interact with the physical world. This means that there’s no way to produce exactly the same input every time. We’ve created tests for the FSE 2017 prototype which try to test the functionality of the robot as objectively as possible, though. This allows us to continue working on the robot in the background without worrying about things going wrong. Check out our demonstration!


3d camera review: the Tara by e-con Systems

Hi everybody,

e-con Systems sent me a Tara USB stereo camera to try out. It’s a stereo rig that’s pre-calibrated, so you can start making 3d images right out of the box. Cameras like these might be interesting when you’re building a robot and need it to navigate unknown terrain. Want to know more? Check out my review. I’ve also summarized it in this video:

FSE has a new logo!

Thanks Kevin Kodjo for submitting the winning design. We’ve updated our webpage to use the new logo and are excited to show our identity with pictures made by you!

We received a lot of great entries. Here are the other winners:

The other winning logos submitted by FSE participants.

We will be presenting the winners with their prizes when we return to West Africa in December this year. Thanks again to everybody who participated!