Big Bangs, Fingerprints and Gummibaers – Day 3 and 4 (!) of 2019 FSE Workshop in Lomé

Day four of the 2019 FSE Workshop in Lomé is over and the students of École National Superieur d’Ingenieurs (ENSI) in Lomé reached their goal of building a park distance control prototype!

At the end of day three, the students were happy and proud to see their prototype working. After the students had worked in three groups on the different parts of the PDC, i.e. ultrasonic range sensor, RGB LED and buzzer, all parts came together in a big bang merge.

As with every big bang merge, the components did not work together right away – but with some team work and help of Frédéric, the issues could be addressed and solved. The students even stayed longer to get all the components working correctly. We were happy to see that they had dedicated to making their project successful!

Afterwards, this success was duly celebrated with warm, squashy Gummibaers.

Originally, the workshop was supposed to be composed of three half day sessions. But the students were eager to learn more and arranged with their professors to get another half day off of classes.

So on day four, Frédéric showed the students how to use KiCAD, a software with which they could plan their own Raspberry Pi developer board.

We also discussed how the students could spread their newly gained knowledge among the other students, by giving courses themselves. They dedicated to giving a course every three months.

Finally, we could also already discuss and brainstorm on the project for the next year: A “student attendance counter”, implemented with a new finger print sensor and the already learned LED and buzzer sensors. The idea came from ENSI’s deputy director, who volunteered to play the students “customer” and provide the functional requirements. So a first interview for requirement collection could already be planned!

For Frédéric and me, the week was a full success and we had fun working with the students. So we sincerely congratulate the following students on finishing the project:

  • ADJOLO Essobala James
  • BELEI Abiré Gisèle
  • DEGBE Yawovi David
  • Junior
  • KUAMOR Kokou Samuel
  • TCHANDAO Essowazam Honoré
  • TEVI Kokou Sévérin

This is blue LED light. It turns blue. – Day 2 of 2019 FSE Workshop in Lomé

Day two of the 2019 FSE Workshop in Lomé is over and the students of École National Superieur d’Ingenieurs (ENSI) are one big step closer to their goal of building a fully functional park distance control prototype until the end of the week.

Today was all about getting the sensors to work. At the end of the day, each team was proud to present a working RGB LED, that could turn any color one fancies – even blue light.

Getting the ulrasonic range finder to work was a bit more difficult: Activating and switching between trigger and echo, calculating the distance from the signal return duration, averaging the measurements, … But the students showed great team work and overcame the obstacles.

Park me in, Scotty! – First Day of 2019 FSE Workshop in Lomé

Yesterday was the first day of the 3rd Fullstack Embedded Workshop in Lomé, Togo. At 1 PM, 15 students of the École National Superieur d’Ingenieurs (ENSI) eagerly awaited the first day of their three half day workshops.

Their goal until the end of the week: Build a fully functional park distance control prototype.
Their tools:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi
  • 1 cuostomized adapter board (FSE Developer Board, built by Frédéric)
  • 1 ultrasonic range finder
  • 1 RGB LED
  • 1 buzzer

The first day started with a hands-on crashcourse in Python programming followed by a dive into embedded software (controlling a buzzer and working with the FSE Development Board).