Park me in, Scotty! – First Day of 2019 FSE Workshop in Lomé

Yesterday was the first day of the 3rd Fullstack Embedded Workshop in Lomé, Togo. At 1 PM, 15 students of the École National Superieur d’Ingenieurs (ENSI) eagerly awaited the first day of their three half day workshops.

Their goal until the end of the week: Build a fully functional park distance control prototype.
Their tools:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi
  • 1 cuostomized adapter board (FSE Developer Board, built by Frédéric)
  • 1 ultrasonic range finder
  • 1 RGB LED
  • 1 buzzer

The first day started with a hands-on crashcourse in Python programming followed by a dive into embedded software (controlling a buzzer and working with the FSE Development Board).