For the past two years now, we’ve have experienced a lot on embedded systems, electronics and technology, more than we could ever dream of. I didn’t know what was python, Linux and this could go on and on and on.

The FSE workshops have been amazingly helpful in such a way that we are now able to teach other students what we’ve learnt.

The things that we only knew theoretically, we are now able to practice them all thanks to FSE. We are coming out with great final year projects and standing proud.

the use of several electronic components such as raspberry pi, ultrasonic sensors and DC motors was an unknown area for me but it’s now a known and explored area. The best part of it all is that FSE team is enjoying giving out their knowledge and we are all loving it but most of all we are learning.

I’m a proud beneficiary of FSE.

We look forward to learning more in the coming years. 

Thank you guys for the amazing job.

Power to education!!! Power to FSE!!!