My name is Samuel Abena Kpalemon, I’m offering Computer engineering at Accra Institute of Technology. It has been a nice experience to partake the FSE 2019 workshop. the entire program was knowledgeable, starting with Basura ending with Alfred. What I really appreciated was the patience of coordinators. They made it in such way that every single person present was able to follow up and succeed whatever was being taught. In fact, I was a novice in that field, I mean python and raspberry. I never worked with them before but as they were explaining the understanding was coming and was able to do something. We built a prototype of Basura which consisted of connecting an ultrasonic sensor to a server in order to check its evolution. It’s true it was not a piece of cake but personally I gained python programming skill. Talking about Alfred, the programming aspect was not well understood but the understanding of the whole process was in point. At the end of the workshop we came back with the desire of learning very hard python and raspberry in order to further whatever we learnt. Thank you FSE.