I experienced a new world of creating Autonomous Robots, Remote Control Robots and Line Following Robots. The Theory and Practical sessions were very useful as I came to know about the basic ideas behind creating Robots using Electronic Components such Ultrasonic Sensors, IR Sensors and DC motors with Raspberry pi. I was able to come out with my final year project idea from the basic of Python programming language that I learned from the workshop. It was good and very Interactive thanks to Full Stack embedded (FSE) team especially Dipl. Ing. Frederic Afadjigla, Dr. Daniel Lee and Dr. Carmen Köhler. Also thanks to our AIT Robotics Club members and Accra Institute of Technology University for giving us a great space for the workshop to take place. 
FSE action is good initiative, helping young Africans to adapt to new technology and to make use of it. The skills acquired from the various workshop organized by FSE so far bring creativity, innovation in project building. Expecting more such useful workshop next year.