1. Want to be ready for the next Full Stack Embedded workshop? These tutorials will give you all the skills you need to excel at our projects.

Each month we publish a tutorial that will help prepare you for the next Full Stack Embedded project. Follow the tutorials, do the exercises and ask questions in the comments – that way you’ll have the skills to do complex projects together with us and on your own!


  1. January: Setting up a Raspberry Pi
  2. February: Working with external code in Python
  3. March: Flow of operation: if, for and while
  4. April: The magic of functions
  5. May: Conquering the chaos: How to write modular code
  6. June: Status check: How do you like the tutorials so far?
  7. July: Controlling an LED using PWM through the GPIO pins
  8. August: Using GitHub for sharing code
  9. October: Controlling buzzers
  10. November: Bonus tutorial: Arduino traffic light
  11. December: Ultrasonic obstacle scanner on Arduino


  1. January: Configuring a Raspberry Pi for WiFi
  2. February: Writing a project proposal

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